red light (2020)


Status: Completed 

Genre: Drama

Starring: Arielle Duran, Michael Judah, Ryan Regus

Produced by: Jacob H. Hansen

Cinematography by: Nader Ajib

Production Design by: Allie Luke

Plot: a high-end escort is conflicted about telling her favorite client that she's leaving the business. 

AND-1139 (2019)


Status: Festival Circuit

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama

Starring: Sergio Myers, Christopher Brian

Produced by: Paige Irene Bruns

Cinematography by: Veronique Mignon (as Veronique Sarosdy)

Production Design by: Michael Boomer

Plot: a lonely man that is beta testing an android struggles with his feelings after an update to the android begins to physically and emotionally feel. 

Games played at night (2017)


Status: Released

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Starring: Cheyenne Alford, Chase Alford

Produced by: Paige Irene Bruns

Cinematography by: Vivian D'Acunto

Production Design by: Ashley Cartisano

Plot: a woman is stalked by a masked man outside her house one night. Will she survive?


Void (2020)

Directed by: Paige Irene Bruns

Produced by: Jacob H. Hansen

Production Design by: Veronique Mignon


Status: Post-Production

Shot on Panasonic VariCam LT using RED Prime lenses and both 1/2 BPM and Full BPM for different sequences. 

after 6 (2019)

Directed by: Nader Ajib

Produced by: Furkan Memon

Production Design by: Nela Khalfieva

Status: Released

Shot on RED Scarlett with RED Pro Zoom Lens 18-85mm, with a 1/2 and Full BPM for certain sequences.


anchor (2020)

Status: Festival Circuit

Directed by: Paige Irene Bruns

Cinematography by: Bowen Huang

Production Design by: Clonia Charite

Plot: Written and Directed by Paige Irene Bruns, Anchor tells the story of Haleigh (Sierra Green), a bright and independent college student focused more on her academics than making social connections. Her best friend Cam (Sergio Myers) is a soon to be National swimmer and highly regarded relay anchor with an eye on the Olympics. A confrontation at a post swim meet celebration will ultimately determine if their relationship can survive conflicting priorities.

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