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red light (2020)



Status: Released

Genre: Drama

Starring: Arielle Duran, Michael Judah, Ryan Regus

Produced by: Jacob H. Hansen

Cinematography by: Nader Ajib

Production Design by: Allie Luke

Plot: a high-end escort is conflicted about telling her favorite client that she's leaving the business. 

Press Releases:

AND-1139 (2019)



Status: Released

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama

Starring: Sergio Myers, Christopher Brian

Produced by: Paige Irene Bruns

Cinematography by: Veronique Mignon (as Veronique Sarosdy)

Production Design by: Michael Boomer

Plot: a lonely man that is beta testing an android struggles with his feelings after an update to the android begins to physically and emotionally feel. 


Games played at night (2017)


Games Poster.jpg

Status: Released

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Starring: Cheyenne Alford, Chase Alford

Produced by: Paige Irene Bruns

Cinematography by: Vivian D'Acunto

Production Design by: Ashley Cartisano

Plot: a woman is stalked by a masked man outside her house one night. Will she survive?



Void (2020)

Directed by: Paige Irene Bruns

Produced by: Jacob H. Hansen

Production Design by: Veronique Mignon


Status: Post-Production

Shot on Panasonic VariCam LT using RED Prime lenses and both 1/2 BPM and Full BPM for different sequences. 

after 6 (2019)

Directed by: Nader Ajib

Produced by: Furkan Memon

Production Design by: Nela Khalfieva

Status: Released

Shot on RED Scarlett with RED Pro Zoom Lens 18-85mm, with a 1/2 and Full BPM for certain sequences.



anchor (2020)


Status: Released

Directed by: Paige Irene Bruns

Cinematography by: Bowen Huang

Production Design by: Clonia Charite

Plot: Written and Directed by Paige Irene Bruns, Anchor tells the story of Haleigh (Sierra Green), a bright and independent college student focused more on her academics than making social connections. Her best friend Cam (Sergio Myers) is a soon to be National swimmer and highly regarded relay anchor with an eye on the Olympics. A confrontation at a post swim meet celebration will ultimately determine if their relationship can survive conflicting priorities.

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