Festivals and Awards

AND-1139 (2019)


Florence Film Awards Nov. 2019

Honorable Mention: "Best Sci-Fi Short" (AND-1139)

New York Movie Awards March 2020

Winner: "Best Director Short Film" (AND-1139)

Honorable Mention: "Best Original Screenplay" and "Best Editing" (AND-1139)

New York Cinematography Awards March 2020

Winner: "Best LGBTQ Film" (AND-1139)

IndieX Film Fest April 2020

Winner: "Best Student LGBTQ Short" (AND-1139)

Nominated: "Best Student Director (Male)" (AND-1139)

Vegas Movie Awards November 2020

Award of Excellence:

"Best LGBTQ" (AND-1139)

"Best Cinematography" (AND-1139)

"Best Original Story" (AND-1139)


Award of Prestige:

"Best Sci-Fi" (AND-1139)

Prague International Monthly Film Festival December 2020

Winner: "Best LGBT Film" (AND-1139)

"Best Sci-Fi Film" (AND-1139)

"Best Editing" (AND-1139)

Phoenix Short Film Festival December 2020

Winner: "Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy" (AND-1139)

Games played at night (2017)


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